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Diving Courses

 The policy of Encenada to respect the privacy of its customers and the people doing business through it's service. As such all information presented here will not be sold or distributed to any party other than the merchant you have currently elected to do business with.


We process all reservations free of charge. However, if you cancel your reservation up to 3 working days before your scheduled arrival, we will charge you 10 USD administrative fee. If you cancel your reservation less than 3 working days before your stay or if you do not show at the hotel, you will be charged a fee which may exceed 100% for the first unused night.

Dive Encenada is accepting dives by appointment. Please contact  
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Course Minimum Time USD Rate
Discover Scuba Diving 2-3 Hours $50.00
Extra DSD fun dive 2 hours $35.00
Scuba Diver 2 Days $200.00
SD Upgrade to Open Water 1.5 Days $135.00
Open Water Diver 3-4 Days $300.00
Advanced Dives 3 Hours $40.00
Advances Open Water 2 Days $200.00
Medic First Aid 1 Day $110.00
DAN Oxygen Provider Half Day $95.00
Rescue Diver 2 Days $300.00
MFA/Rescue Package 3 Days $370.00
MFA/DAN 02 Rescue Pack 4 Days $450.00
Dive Master Internship 4 Weeks $650.00
DM Full equipment rental   +$100.00
Assistant Instructor 7 Days $650.00



Minimum Time USD Rate
Enrich Air Nitrox 2 Days $200.00
Equipment or Naturalist 1 Day $140.00
Photographer 1 Day $160.00
Night or Navigation 2 Days $180.00
Search and Recovery, Deep or Wreck Dive  2 Days $200.00
Oxygen First Aid 4 hours $95