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New Encenada Beach Resort Activities and Adventures

Haligi Beach-
A stretch of white sand beach at Boquete Island. one can relax in soothing seawater in complete privacy.

Long Beach- This private beach teeming with corals and multi-colored fishes is located at San Antonio Island.

Tamaraw Falls- 14 kilometer from the town proper and near the village of Villaflor. A natural swimming pool is found at the base of the falls.

Aninuan & Talipanan Falls- smaller but equally inviting and challenging falls which can be reached by a 15-minute hike uphill following their rapids.

Mangyan Village- A settlement of Mindoro's aborigines by the banks of the Big Tabinay River and the gold digging sites along the Small Tabinay River. The area is suitable for mountain climbing and gold-panning.

Ponderosa Golf Club- This one-of-a-kind golf course rests on a 2,000 ft.high mountain feasting the eyes of tourists with the fantastic panoramic view of the whole Puerto Galera Cove, and several islands.

La Mana Villa Hot Spring- Located at Barangay Big Tabinay, it boasts a 9 x 10 m, 6 ft deep, free-flowing hot spring swimming area.

Excavation Museum- Opposite the Catholic church and adjacent to the rural bank and municipal hall, this museum houses priceless artifacts which were extracted from more than 10,000 exhibited objects, including underwater photographs.

Marble Cross or Muelle- A famous landmark found at the Muelle Bay in memory of the crew of the Spanish warship "Canonero Mariveles" which sank during a storm on November 18, 1879 while guarding the waters of Puerto Galera.

Python Cave- Located in Big Tabinay, it is so called because of pythons, 3 to 5 feet long, living in it which prey on bats entering the cave. The entrance of the cave is a 100-foot ravine.

Marble Quarry at Mt. Talipanan- Seventeen different varieties of marble are extracted from the mountainside. The Marble-craft Guest house with its polished marble floors is a must attraction for visitors.

  Minimum Time PHP Rate
Motorcycle Rentals Hourly P200.00
Half Day Motorcycle Rentals  4 Hours P500.00
Daily Motorcycle Rentals 9:00am-5:00pm P800.00
Overnight Motorcycle Rentals 24 Hours P1000.00
Motorcycle Rentals 5 Days P4,000.00
Motorcycle Rentals 6 Days P4,500.00
Motorcycle Rentals 7 Days P5,000.00
Motorcycle Rentals Deposit Per Day P1,000.00
Motorcycle Rentals Gas if not filled Per KM P2.00
Mountain Bikes Per Day P300.00


 Secluded Beach Property, Coconut Plantation and Jungle 


 Every Friday at 12:00 Noon until About 5:00pm

The Games  We play as many games as you want, usually three to four hours
  •  Scenic boat ride to and from the site
  •  Paintball Games
  •  Beach BBQ with lots of free drinks
  •  Snorkeling
  •  Swimming
We Supply
  •  Boat Transportation
  •  Paintball Guns
  •  Head, Face and Eye Protection
  •  80 Paintballs per person  (Enough to play four games, you can purchase more)
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Lots of food and drinks
  • Free BadLadz T- Shirts
You Supply  Yourself and Guest
Cost  PhP 1200 per player
 PhP 300 per guest
Reservations  Deposit Required
 Special Games can be arrange for groups of 6 or more